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Beneficiary and Estate Planning

For most if us, planning for the distribution of our financial resources and personal property can be difficult and emotional.  This is one of the main reasons estate planning is avoided.  However, we can provide a professional and comprehensive approach to estate planning, that will give you confidence during your lifetime that your wishes will be honored.  We can;


  • Review wills, trusts, retirement plans and other estate-planning documents and ensure they remain up- to- date
  • Develop a strategy that fulfills your goal while preserving assets for the next generation, reducing estate- tax liability and providing for sufficient liquidity
  • Explain different methods of property transfers, estate- tax rules, the impact of the most current estate-planning legislation and possible future changes in rules and regulations
  • Collaborate with other team members - attorneys, appraisers, insurance brokers, among others - to ensure that every issue is properly addressed by the appropriate expert